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Rent a Car & Van Fend: Make the Safe and Long Term Car & Van Rental in Northern Greece

Fend started its growth course in 2000 and has become the most reliable car rental company in northern Greece. We cover all of northern Greece and extend our locations throughout Greece!
Today, having in mind many years of experience in the field of automobiles and our aim to serve our customers with high quality, competitive and reliable solutions, we continue to invest in our business by upgrading our services so as to give greater value in the field of car leasing.
We always have a key driver in our customer satisfaction and provide the most innovative, practical, and above all the most affordable car rental solutions in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. We make the difference because we are one of the few car rental companies that do the maintenance and service of vehicles in our own workshops. This results in not only economical prices but also the safest cars!

Our vision and promise

Based on the quality and competitiveness of our business, we have managed to offer our clients excellent, safe and affordable services, both individually and at a corporate level. But we are not alone in this. Our vision is to enhance the lives of our customers by offering unique services at competitive prices.

We grow dynamically

We have been building a network of partners for almost a decade and with our large fleet we can meet your requirements. We have privately owned premises in our headquarters and workshops but we serve the entire Thessaloniki city complex where we offer immediate and friendly service to Greek and foreign customers.

Profesional services

What makes us stand out is our professionalism and, above all, our ability to take full responsibility for the possible management and complexity of our vehicles. We are there to make your car rental a pleasant experience!

For more information about car rental and Van you can e-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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