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Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions listed below are for all types of rentals for Greece.

Period of Rental

A single day (24hrs) is considered the minimum rental period. Any further delay of delivering a vehicle is considered and it will be charged as an extra day.

Driver's Age

The minimum age of 23 years old and a maximum age of 70 years old is valid for all types of vehicles. In addition to that, a driving license must be issued at least 1 year before the rental start. A valid European (for EU countries) or an International (for countries that don’t belong to EU) driving license must be presented at the vehicle pick up.

Cars delivery and car collection

If the delivery or collection of the vehicles is done at our offices there is no charge. If the delivery or collection is outside of office hours there is an extra charge. In case we deliver the car to other locations / addresses after consultation there is also an extra charge.

Our insurance policy and the liability amounts

At Fend Car Rental the third party insurance covers:
1. Death and injury of third party up to 1,000,000€.
2. Material damages to third parties up to 1,000,000€ (this insurance excludes the rented vehicle)

Other insurances and waivers

You should check your rental documents to see all details that concern the insurances and waivers that apply to Fend Car Rental vehicles and rental insurances.

There is no valid insurance coverage if:
1. there is transport by boat
2. the designated driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
3. there are damages to the vehicle caused when driving on unpaved roads
4. there are damages on the bottom part of the vehicle (wheels, hubcaps, tires, mirrors, antenna, glass) as well as the interior
5. there is loss of personal belongings
6. there is an accident that is caused by a driver who is not declared in the lease contract as a second driver
7. there is loss or damage of the vehicle key
8. there is loss or destruction of GPS navigator device, child seats, booster seats, snow chains or other additional equipment provided by Fend Car Rental

The cost of repairs or replacements is paid in full by the tenant and is subtracted by his/her credit card

Car rental insurance

A credit card is not always required (Visa, Master Card, Amex) in order to rent and vehicle. This is the case even if the payment will be in cash. We will Pre-Authorize the responsibility amount into your credit card, in case you have one, until you return the vehicle and we do a full check. Otherwise you don't need to supply us with a credit or debit card. In the that you use your credit card you don't need to pay for insurance. This doesn't apply when you pay with cash.

Second driver

For a second driver to be eligible for all insurances and coverages he/she must be declared in the lease contract at the start of the rental period. Please contact us for the charges of the second driver that may be apply.

Extra equipment

We can provide on request extra equipment (baby seats, snow chains, GPS navigation, bicycle rack etc). You should request for those extra equipment during the online booking as well as the actual reservation.

Fuel measurements

All cars should be returned with the same quantity of fuel that was in the tank on pick up. Extra fuel that is returned is not refundable.

Travel to ports or islands

We should authorize every travel of the vehicle by boat. There might be some fees that apply

Vehicle driving limitations

Every vehicle from Fend Car Rental is not allowed to be used for: Driving abroad, driving off-road, transporting heavy objects or beeing misused in general. All cars that will be returned in bad condition and with extremely dirty interior will be charged for special cleaning.

Processing costs

There will be fees for document processing in case of an accident and / or paperwork that has to do with the authorities.

Traffic law violations

The driver has full responsibility for traffic law violations and must pay all the respective fines. If the renter doesn't pay any fines, Fend Car Rental will charge any respective fines as well as any administrative expenses.

Payment methods

You can pay by credit card, debit card or prepaid card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners), by cash or bank transfer. Any payment must be done at least 48 hours before you pick up your car and the start of the rental period. Regardless of the payment method that the renter will use, Fend Car Rental doesn't need a credit card or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), with enough amount, for guarantee. We will need to pre-authorize the liability amount till the time you will return your vehicle if you supply us with a credit card but it's not necessary.

Cancellation of booking

If there is a cancellation up to 15 days before pick up date, the full amount of the deposit is refundable. In the case that there is a cancellation within the period of 15 days prior to pick up there is no refund.

Change of terms and conditions

Fend Car Rental has the right to modify all or any of the above terms and conditions of vehicle rentals without any further notice. Please visit and read the section that applies to you for the company's terms and conditions often or every time you need to make a booking.